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How to Get Richer Than Your Boss

Do you ever wonder why people with a similar profile like yours seem to be getting richer than you?

You may be a young professional or a seasoned executive with a decade of experience behind you.

It almost feels like you are running on a treadmill. You run faster every passing year but find yourself in the same place when it comes to your financial wellness.

Is Working Hard Enough to Make You Rich?

Who do you think is responsible for your current financial condition?

Maybe it’s your boss who passed you over for a promotion in favour of someone else. Or maybe it is those folks in the HR department that changed the staff allowance policy.

What about the government which keeps increasing the price of fuel.

And your bank that keeps increasing the interest rate on your EMI.

We can keep the list going and come up with another 20 reasons that are keeping you from becoming wealthier.

Now take a step back.

Before blaming everyone else for your current condition have you done all the things that you were supposed to do from your end? Of course you have.

You are working crazy 12-14 hour days, always finish your work on time, always helping out in team projects. You are working as hard as anyone possibly can.

Here is the thing – Just working hard is not going to make you richer.

Getting rich is about working out a financial plan to get there, understanding it and then executing it to perfection.

Here is a 3-step formula that will take you from where you are to where you want to go?

The 3 Step Formula to Get Richer than Your Boss

The 3 Step formula looks like this:

Step 1 Earning – Spending = Saving

Step 2 Saving x Growth = Investment

Step 3 Investment x Time = Getting Richer Than Your Boss

That was not so hard, was it? Getting wealthy can be simple once you execute this 3-step formula.

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Now let us look into each of these 3 steps in some more detail.

Step 1 – Saving

This is the most common advice on money management that we hear growing up. Each month you need to spend less than what you earn.

The difference between your earning and spending is your saving each month.

Earning – Spending = Saving

(In case what you are spending each month is more than your earning, then we have an even bigger issue at hand. There is no point thinking about the next 2 steps till you fix this part.)

If you are clear on this part and are indeed saving something each month, then it is time to move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Investment

For most working professionals making the move from step 1 to step 2 is the biggest challenge.

You work hard at your job and make every effort to save a large part of your salary.

And then what?

For a lot of professionals, this is where things come to a standstill. The money that is being saved each month is probably lying in either a saving bank account or in a bank fixed deposit.

You are so busy at your job that you have not devoted any time to thinking about this pot of money just sitting there.

The critical thing to understand is this: It is not good enough to just save. You need to give your savings the ability to grow on their own every single day.

Once your savings get the wings to grow and fly high it is called investment.

Savings X Growth = Investment

How do you give wings to your savings and how do you turn it into investment? You do that by putting your money into things that have the ability to make your savings grow.

Some of these things include Mutual Funds, Shares of Companies, Property, Houses, Art, Gold, Paintings, and even Wine.

For a salaried professional the investment option that makes the most sense is mutual funds.

It should be the first investment you consider before looking into any of the other options outlined above.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started with mutual funds. You can get started in a DIY mode or by choosing a good financial advisor.

Turning your savings into investments is the most important step you can take on your journey towards getting wealthier.

Step 3 – Getting Richer Than Your Boss

You have now taken all the necessary steps and are on the road to getting richer than your boss.

There is one small detail remaining. For your investments to make you rich you need to give them time to grow.

Investment x Time = Get Rich

The journey of your investments is very similar to the manner in which your career progresses.

You probably started your career as a trainee, moved up to become a manager and eventually headed to an even more senior role. 

This career journey takes time and patience.

You don’t become the CEO of the company straight out of college (well technically you could if you dad owned the company but that is a different story).

In the same way, you need to give time to your investments to complete their journey.

The biggest challenge during this phase is to “do something” about your investments. The temptation to switch from one investment to another can be very tempting.

Remember the time you were stuck in traffic and decided to change lanes because the other lane was moving faster.

Then as soon as you switched lanes, the traffic in your original lane started moving faster.

Growing your investments is the same.

As long as you know you have put your investments on the correct highway to growth it does not matter which lane gets you to your destination.


If you have been thinking that just working hard will set you on the road to riches then you have been mistaken.

Getting wealthier than your boss comes from the simple 3 step formula of wealth creation:

– saving, investing and then letting that investment grow.

And here the best part – You may end up not just being richer than your boss. You could even get to a stage where you could retire early and say goodbye to your boss.

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