dushyantnomics is an early retirement blog for professionals helping you prepare for, transition to, and live a meaningful early retirement.

The articles in this blog are organised in 4 categories:


Information that will help you with the financial and emotional aspects of retirement planning. If you are more than 5 years away from your retirement, this is where you should focus.

Retirement Transition

Your retirement transition begins when you are within 5 years of your retirement date. Enabling you to make a smooth transition from your pre-retirement to post-retirement life.


The post-retirement phase of your life starts the day after you leave your job. Helping you live the best years of your life the way you want.

Retirement Wellness

Ideas that will improve your overall personal wellness, no matter where you are in your retirement journey.

About Me

Prior to starting this early retirement blog, I spent over two decades in the corporate world in varied investment and management roles.

My LinkedIn profile lays out the journey of my corporate career in 7 countries across 3 continents.

Just like you, I too experienced the roller coaster of corporate life. And of course, I churned out my version of those TPS reports as well.

After years in different corporate roles, I felt the need to pursue something that provided a personal meaning for me.

My interest in personal finance, learning and sharing provided me a purpose beyond my 9-5 life and led to this early retirement blog.

about dushyantnomics author

About You

You are unique and your retirement journey should be unique to you.

There are no perfect answers or corporate guidelines about what your early retirement plan should entail.

You get to decide what your early retirement looks like and what is right for you.

The purpose of this early retirement blog is not to give you all the answers.

Instead, it is to help you reflect and ask yourself the right questions as you plan your retirement.

The time you spend here will help you prepare for, transition to, and live your dream retirement.

welcome to dushyantnomics.


retirement blog for indians dushyantnomics

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